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Lunge Line Lessons

I have had the opportunity to give several lunge line lessons lately. I have really enjoyed this opportunity to focus on teaching skills specific to posting trot on the lunge. The lunge line is an excellent tool for allowing riders to gain more practice for skills such as trotting and cantering.

The Tools:

The lunge […]

Fall activity ideas

Here in the northeast fall is in full swing. The trees are lovely and the weather is mild. The colors of fall are all around and the parts of nature are accessible to look at and touch (leaves, sticks, acorns, etc)

Riding Goals

Rider will steer horse on a twenty meter circle.

Throw down fall […]

Alternative to backriding- part 2

So I promised there would be additional information on alternative to backriding. For definitions, look here.

First- why does the student need a “backrider”? Why have you determined that they are unable to sit on the horse independently and learn to control the horse to the best of their ability?

Is it physical? They are […]

Birthday games

Here are a few birthday activities that riding instructor and therapists can modify to use on horseback. The birthday can be the participants’, staff members or the horses’ birthday.


Riding skill: Steering and halting- birthday game- all riders choose a plastic bag (cone bags work nicely) filled with sand or similar and […]

Warm weather games

As the weather heats up, sometimes our imagination shuts down. Here are some quick ideas to make riding lessons fun for summer:


Use squeeze/foam balls and have a relay or team race to fill up a cup/water bucket by squeezing the water out of the foam ball – riding skills used: steering to the […]