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Ethics of Therapy outside in cold weather

When therapists choose to incorporate equine movement into their therapists' bag of tricks there are many variables to consider- cold weather is one of them!

Here are some basic premises to consider:

  1. If therapy is considered medically necessary, then it is medically necessary in all seasons.
  2. You are not a "horse therapist" or "hippotherapist"  and you should have more then one treatment strategy up your sleeve and more then one treatment space.
  3. If posture and alignment are important to your goal, then can you achieve proper posture and alignment in winter clothing?

Therefore if you cannot provide therapy in the cold what does this say about your services?

-- they are not medically necessary?

-- you are not a (OT/PT/SLP), not a therapist without use of the horse?

-- you are providing treatment with sub-standard ability to meet your goals?

None of these items are the way you want to portray yourself or the way you want your families to view you professionally.  Do any of these considerations constitute a breach of ethics?

That is for each therapist to decide.  There are also ways to frame your therapy services that offer a variety of services in a  "plan of care" format.  This format may not include all treatment strategies at all times.  This post is not to imply that aquatic therapy (or equine movement, or, or, or)  should be offered year round or risk poor ethical standards.  This post is rather to point out a broader considerations of how you offer services, market services, portray yourself as a professional and meet your clients needs and goals.

How do you deal with providing medical services in outdoor environments?




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