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Cold weather options

With much of the east coast withering in the cold and snow this winter you may wondering how pass the winter days and  to keep participants engaged if it's too cold outside.


Here are a few quick ideas:


  • Review website and brochures for current terminology.  Update photos, staff bios and lesson horse information.
  • Work on spring programming- look at new programs and people that you may be able to offer.
  • Spruce up your interior areas, sanitize toys and clean tack.
  • Take updated pictures of staff and horses.

Adaptive Riding:

  • Offer a photo and craft afternoon- allow participants to come out to the farm lobby (or other heated space) and provide printed pictures of the lesson horses, pictures from magazine and tack catalogs and some card stock and glue.  Allow children to make their own riding collage.
  • Provide an inside horsemanship lesson (on colors, markings, grooming tools, etc) and a short visit out to see the horses.
  • Post videos of the horses being schooled on social media and encourage students to view the videos and comment on their own riding.

Therapy ideas:

  • Do indoor sessions without the horse- a very important reason that you need and indoor therapy space!  If the child needs therapy- they need it with or without the horse.  Imagine trying to tell the insurance company that the therapy is medically necessary after taking two months off because of cold weather!
  • Give homework- explain to the families that since you may miss a few sessions that you need them to help maintain progress.
  • Make videos of therapy activities and share them with clients.

For all programs (adaptive riding and therapy based programs) it's important to keep your participants engaged.


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